What Is A Cruiser Axe: Overall Information

As someone is concerned about, what is a cruiser axe? Then we just have to say that double-edged axes are usually known as cruiser axes. Additionally, the ax can be one-bit, two-bit, or smaller. They are known as boy axes, camp axes, and saddle cruiser axes. The cruiser is primarily a two-bit axe, weighing less than 3 pounds.

The term “cruiser” was mostly used to refer to a double-bit ax weighing around 2 or 1/2 pounds, but single-bit axes were also sold as “cruisers” or “traveling axes”.

Cruiser Axe: What is it?

An ax with two blades is known as a “double axe”. When one of the blades becomes dull, the user can use another blade. For example, some double-bit axes may have a very sharp felling blade, while the other blade may be dull. This blunt blade can be used to cut knots and split wood.

A 3-5 lb. blade and cruiser axe handle length is 32″–36″ straight. This measurement is the key characteristic of a double-bit ax.

Additionally, the weight of a smaller double-bit ax is 2-4 pounds. This type of ax is called a “cross axe”. But unfortunately these axes are no longer mass produced and are only used by lumberjacks.

Details about Cruiser Axe

Due to the added weight of the head, some people avoid using a double-bit ax, but they can actually use this ax normally. They mostly don’t know how to use a cruiser axe. The double ax has the advantage of carrying two axes in one. Eliminates the need for two separate axes.

As we already know, a cruiser axe can be both single and double bit. As a result, knowing axe weight is essential. A single-bit cruiser axe with a 3–5-pound blade and a 30″–36″ curved handle is commonly used for felling or splitting.

But cruisers with a double-bit weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. On the other hand, a boy’s axe is considerably smaller than a single or double-bit ax.

Additionally, a 28-inch shaft and a head weight of 2 to 2-3/4 pounds are typical specifications for a cruiser ax. Suppose someone is digging into the history of the axe. In that case, they can find wood cruisers who were professional woodcutters and find out the value of the ax and give these smaller axes a name.

With these axes, you can have the same benefit of less frequent sharpening as a full-sized double bit in a smaller and lighter package.

These similar characteristics make cruiser axes suitable for the modern user who wants the feel and balance of a double bit, but in a more portable package.


What exactly are single-bit and double-bit axes?

A single-bit ax has one edge on one side and a flat face on the other. Axes with two symmetrically opposite cutting edges are known as “double axes”.

What is a boy ax?

A “boy’s” ax is a middle-sized cruiser ax, formed with a steelhead.

What is a hewing axe?

A hewing ax is a wood-cutting tool. It’s equipped with several blade shapes.

Final Verdict

To summarize, the answer to what a cruiser ax is is a double headed ax with good skills. Due to its dual blade abilities, users can use this ax for a long time. A logger can use a single or double cruiser bit depending on his needs.

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